100 Women Change Makers

ELLE INTERNATIONAL brings together the editions around fundamental concepts such as emancipation, entrepreneurship and commitment of women.


The 100 Women Change Makers have been created to highlight the women who are having a positive impact on our society and whom we promote through our editorials, covers and events throughout the year.

From actress to scientist, writer to director and vice-president, these 100 women are recognised for breaking the rules, raising awareness and pushing back the boundaries. Their common goal: to offer humanity a better future.

Whether internationally recognised or locally admired, these women are creating, campaigning, changing minds and winning our hearts.


Proposed by the teams behind the 46 editions of ELLE International, this list of incredible agents of change, in no particular order, is a timely reminder of the soft power and influence that women wield in every field. With a total of 32 publications and 273 pages published internationally, women once again remind us of their ability to unite and celebrate one another.

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On November 21st, 1945, the Russian-born, Paris-raised Hélène Lazareff launched a modern women’s magazine that would become a staple in every woman’s home in France. The internationalization of ELLE began in the United States and the United Kingdom in 1985 and presently counts 45 editions around the world, with more to come. Lazareff’s unique visions were transformed into a concept so strong and relevant to women that it has become a global brand.


Lorem iFrom a French magazine to a powerful international media network – with 45 editions worldwide and a global reach of 203 million – ELLE is now the world’s number one female media brand. And its network is still expanding.