On November 21st, 1945, the Russian-born and Paris-raised Hélène Lazareff launched a modern women’s magazine that would become a staple in every woman’s home in France, and later, around the world. 


Inspired by her time spent in New York during World War II working as a journalist for major media titles, Lazareff began to develop her own concept for a women’s magazine. 


The key editorial approach was to provide women with exclusive and unparalleled access to fashion and beauty, while maintaining a close relationship to readers. The cornerstone of the magazine was it underlying tone of « Irony in seriousness, and seriousness in frivolity. »


Lazareff wanted only the best for her readers and held them in high esteem. She felt they deserved to finally be regarded as strong and independent women, actresses in their society. Women who were invested in key issues, and who could gain financial independence and being equal to men.


The internationalization of ELLE began in the United States and the United Kingdom in 1985 and presently accounts for 45 editions around the world. Lazareff’s unique visions were transformed into a concept so strong and relevant to women that it has become a global brand.


The key pillars of this global brand are: Fashion, Beauty & Health, Society, Sustainability, Culture & Lifestyle.


With ELLE’s strong and established values, the brand was able to broaden their horizons and create other magazines that share a common DNA. Now there is an ELLE for everyone with 45 ELLE editions and more than 100 spin-offs and supplements, 25 ELLE Decoration, 7 ELLE à Table and 2 ELLE Men. The brand sells more than 7 million copies per month, reaching over 32 million readers worldwide.
  • 45 ELLE editions
  • +100 supplements & spin-offs
  • 25 ELLE Decoration editions
  • 7 ELLE à Table editions
  • 2 ELLE Men editions


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Hélène Lazareff declared that “fashion must take to the streets”, and so it did – and still does – through the fashion-forward features published in the magazine. For its audience, ELLE is as a source of inspiration, identifying and decoding the trends, but also discovering and promoting the talents of tomorrow. This is reflected globally throughout all the editorial content, but also more specifically in fashion special issues, dedicated spin-offs or supplements, and fashion events like the ELLE Style Awards, which have been set up in 29 countries since the launch of the concept by ELLE UK in 1997.
  • Fashion-forward inspiration
  • Fashion featuresspecial issues and spin-offs & supplements
  • Glamourous Fashion events, such as the ELLE Style Awards


Beauty and Health are key elements when it comes to life balance and self-esteem of women. The brand’s approach to health and beauty is positive, imbued with goodwill, committed to help women feel good in their body and in their mind. This approach results in dedicated content and spin-offs or supplements, with events like ELLE Zen in France or ELLE Run in Korea, and the ELLE International Beauty Awards – a prize launched in 2013 involving all the 45 editions of ELLE, honoring global excellence in beauty around the world.
  • Positive & benevolent approach
  • Beauty dedicated content and  spin-offs & supplements
  • Beauty & Health special events
  • Annual ELLE International Beauty Awards


ELLE has always been committed to women, supporting and empowering them in every aspect of their life, defending their cause at the forefront of social changes: diversity, gender equity, sexuality, body positivity, or more broadly, social responsibility. This mission led to the creation of a corporate “Diversity and Inclusion Charter”, to strong editorial stances on covers or features, and to dedicated events like the ELLE Active Forum, launched in France and since developed in 10 countries, from Italy to China, to support women in their professional and personal life.
  • At the forefront of social changes
  • Empowering features and strong editorial stands
  • Special events to support women in their personal and professional lives


ELLE is committed to the environment and has been for years. As our society continues to meet fundamental challenges, Sustainability and the Environment are becoming increasingly valued within the ELLE brand. The brand’s Green dimension touches every aspect of the network from  corporate standards, with a “fur-free charter” signed by all ELLE editions, to editorial content from Fashion to Beauty or Lifestyle. As a result of this commitment, around 40 special Green issues are published each year. Accompanying this issues are regular dedicated features or initiatives like the ELLE Green Forum in France, the ELLE Eco Awards in Spain, or the ELLE Green Beauty Stars in the United States.
  • Strong environmental conscience
  • Dedicated features and Green special issues
  • Inspiring events on Sustainibility


ELLE’s concept of Culture is synonymous with openness to the world and to others, arousing curiosity and desire for discovery through content, informing and enriching the thoughts of its audience, and making culture accessible. For ELLE, as an international brand, it is a key element of its DNA. This concept signifies that culture is present on a regular and significant basis in ELLE media: through special issues, dedicated agendas or features, and events such as ELLE Women in Hollywood in the United States, ELLE Cinema Awards in Japan, and literary prizes in several other countries.
  • Qualitative and accessible approach
  • Special issues, agendas and features
  • Glamorous or more intimate events on cinema, literature or art


From a French magazine to a powerful international media network – with 45 editions worldwide and a global reach of 200 million – ELLE is now the world’s number one female media brand. And its network is still expanding.