ELLE Decoration was launched in France in 1987 by Jean Demachy, Editor in Chief of French ELLE between 1983 à 1997. His aim was to establish a magazine that would be to the field of interior design what ELLE is to the world of fashion—the absolute reference.


He adapted the spirit of ELLE to the universe of lifestyle and design, with a mission to inspire dreams and help them come true. The first issue proved to be tremendously successful, and ELLE Decoration quickly extended internationally, adapting the spirit of French ELLE Decoration in each country.


The ELLE motto, « Luxury is a matter of style rather than money », has made the brand a household name across the globe. ELLE Decoration applies the same principle to home decor.


Since 1987, ELLE Decoration has inspired readers all over the world, making it the number one international network of interior magazines in 25 countries. The brand’s mission is to travel the world, tracking down the most outstanding and attractive spaces and ideas to be the international style magazine for the home, and communicate lifestyle, travel art and architecture through the lens of design and interior decoration. ELLE Decoration embodies an eclectic style, one that is inspirational, international, modern, and constantly sparks creativity, a perfect mix of escapism and the everyday, a blend of luxury and accessibility.
  • World’s number one international network of interior magazines
  • 25 ELLE Decoration editions
  • Inspiration for luxurious yet accessible interior decoration and design


Launched in 2003, the ELLE Deco International Design Awards, or EDIDA, is an annual event, bringing together all the editions of the ELLE Decoration international network in a celebration of excellence in design across 15 categories. Considered « The Oscars of Design », the awards ceremony is held each year in Milan during the Salone del Mobile, the world’s foremost furniture fair, where the biggest players in the industries of architecture, design and interior decoration gather to meet and exchange.
  • Launched in 2003
  • Awards global excellence in Design
  • With 15 categories
  • Annual exclusive ceremony during the Salone del Mobile in Milan


ELLE Decoration is committed to the environment and has been for years. As our society continues to meet fundamental challenges, Sustainability and the Environment are becoming increasingly valued within the ELLE brand. The brand’s Green dimension touches every aspect of the network from corporate standards to editorial content: giving priority to homes, design projects and designer portraits which integrate environmental aspects and show a commitment to an eco-conscious philosophy and to the viability of natural systems. Regular dedicated issues, special sections or features, as well as various initiatives – like the EDIDA Sustainable Achievement Award – shine a light on how our industry plays a role in the fight against climate change and threats to biodiversity, demonstrating how design can help shape a better future for the planet.
  • Strong environmental conscience
  • Dedicated features 
    and Green special issues
  • EDIDA dedicated award for Sustainable Achievement


ELLE Decoration was launched in France in 1987 by Jean Demachy. The internationalization of the brand began in 1989 with the launch of four editions, in the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain and Greece. Presently, ELLE Decoration accounts for 25 editions around the world. And as the network continues to expand, more editions should follow.