ELLE Active in Italy

For 2 days last November, the 8th edition of ELLE Active Italy brought women, readers, and professionals together for a forum on work issues and women empowerment. The theme? — female leadership.  The event was free and open to everyone, offering inspiration, network opportunities, training, tools, and more to enrich the careers and lives of women (and men as a byproduct). 

ELLE Active 2023 welcomed a record number of guests and speakers of all ages, from young girls to retired women, analyzing the limits and opportunities of work within the realm of feminist empowerment. These women are surgeons, journalists, athletes, artists, and professionals. Women who are making definitive career and life choices.  

The event began with a welcome speech from Giacomo Moletti, CEO of Hearst Italia, followed by influential women speakers in the Italian community. Entertainment figures like Emma Marrone, Italian singer and actress, and Clio Zommatteo, Italian beauty youtuber, and political representatives like Elly Schlein, Secretary of the Democratic Party, and Anna Maria Bernini, the Italian Minister of University And Research, were key speakers at the forum.  

Topics ranged from cinema to politics, as female issues and feminist empowerment are in all facets of life. During her talk Elly Schlein defined the difference between female and feminist leadership: “The first is just a gender issue, the second is the one that strives to improve the living conditions of all other women, to grow a new ruling class that includes categories that are marginalized and squeezed out of politics.” Other important discussions and topics throughout the forum included female leadership in healthcare, social entrepreneurship, improving relationship communication, asking for salary increases, and more.  

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