Material Home Exhibition by ELLE Decor Italy

ELLE Decor Italy’s exhibition at Milan Design Week 2024 explores living spaces through the perceptual qualities of materials.

‘Material Home,’ ELLE Decor Italia’s exhibition-installation during Milan Design Week 2024, allowed visitors to investigate matter in all its forms, observing ways of living through material in interior spaces.

The exhibition, created in tandem with Elisa Ossino Studio (interior and exhibition design), Rossi Bianchi Lighting Design (lighting design), and Studio Antonio Perazzi (landscape design), features seven different environments: Dust, Surfaces, Marble in Movies, Reflections, Soft, Organic, and Chromes, each named according to the type and qualities of the focal material in each of the seven spaces.

Elisa Ossino, a leading designer behind the layout of the project, highlights the importance of material within architecture and interior design, “Whether they are rough or soft, heavy or light, organic or sensual, materials used in architecture have a significant impact on the use of spaces and interiors projects, … Even in an extremely digitized and virtual world, we in fact have an ancestral need to physically touch and ‘feel’ objects. »

The synergy of the three accomplished designers in collaboration with ELLE Decor Italia created an immersive sensory journey, engaging sight, smell, and touch, inviting visitors to rethink the relationship between matter and space, aligning with ELLE Decor’s continuous intrigue in the evolution of spaces.

Discover more about the exhibition HERE

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